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Types of carpet include broadloom, carpet tile, patterned, attached cushion , high performance backings, solution dyed, space dyed, custom colors, and custom patterns just to name a few. We can help you find the most appropriate type of carpet for your needs.

We carry all major manufacturers.


All hardwoods are not the same. Types of hardwood include solid and engineered, domestic and imported exotics, urethane and oil finished, and smooth and distressed finishes. The combinations are extensive. We can help you navigate through all the options.


This is by far the fastest growing segment of the flooring industry. Hundreds of options include different visuals from wood to tile and stone as well as specialty patterns. Wear layer thickness and composition will affect the performance and life span of the product. Different installation methods are available from glue down to floating installations. Which method is right for you will depend on several factors including sub-floor condition, the nature of the final use, serviceability, and cost.


VCT or “vinyl composition tile” is a proven workhorse of commercial flooring. This product can last for decades when properly maintained. 12 X 12 tile sizes along with a variety of color choices give you unlimited design options.

Sheet Goods

Commercial sheet goods are dominantly used in health care. Vinyl welding rods are melted at the seam to join two pieces if product together. A heat welded seam will provide the customer with a floor free of voids and joints where pathogens and bacteria can collect. For this reason, commercial sheet goods are frequently used in areas requiring an aseptic or clean environment.